Alive with energy and rich in diversity, Houston is a fantastic mix of CULTURE and HISTORY attractions that are second to none. While it is a leader in the international energy industry, Houston is much more than an oil town. The city is home to the Texas Medical Center, astonishing performing and visual arts and, yep, the world’s largest rodeo. Don’t forget the center for American manned space flight, NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Top-ranked sports teams also call Houston home — the four-time MLB National League Central Division-Champion Astros, the two-time NBA-Champion Rockets, the four-time WNBA-Champion Comets and the American Hockey League’s Houston Aeros, who won the IHL’s 1999 Turner Cup. And in August 2002, the city will welcome the NFL Houston Texans. Yet amid such big city circumstances, Houston’s attitude remains casual and friendly.

Texas Real Estate Facts:

The Texas Real Estate Commission is the licensing agency for all brokers and agents. Law requires Texas Real Estate agents to explain the issues of agency as they apply to buying or selling real property in Texas. You will be presented a TREC approved bulletin or brochure describing the agent’s role at your first formal meeting with an agent.

Texas is a community property State
exas has no State Income Tax
For property tax information contact the APPRAISAL DISTRICT OFFICE for the specific appraisal district. Or the Comptroller of Public Accounts
P. O. Box 13528,
Austin, Texas 78711-3528
Texas has a Homestead Law that protects rights of property ownership
Texas Financial Responsibility Law requires proof of insurance in your automobile
$15,000 Bodily Injury per person
$30,000 per person per accident
$15,000 property damage
To obtain a Texas driver’s license you must furnish your valid out-of-state driver’s license and take a written test. Licenses are issued for four years. Legal driving age is 18. Parental consent may be obtained for individuals under 18 and students with approved driver education may obtain a license at 16.
You have 30 days after arrival in Texas to obtain a valid vehicle registration card and license plates. Your vehicle must be inspected by an officer and all fees must be paid in cash at the time.
To register as a voter in Texas, you must be an American citizen, 18 years of age by election day and have been a resident of the new city, county or state for 30 days.

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Relocating to Houston and Surrounding Areas: Everything You Need to Know Before You Move and After You Get There!

Houston and its neighboring communities are among the fastest growing areas in the country. But moving there can be an overwhelming and expensive experience. This book gives you all the information you need to make the transition smooth and affordable, including: How to find a place to live—fast Where to look for a job How much it costs to live in the area Where to find the best restaurants in town How to choose a neighborhood you'll love What to do in and around Houston And much, much more! Bursting with information on everything from post offices, banks, and health clubs to school districts and movie theaters, Relocating to Houston and Surrounding Areas helps you negotiate the city like a seasoned veteran on your very first day.

Discover Houston

A wonderful guide to everything Houston, from the Convention & Visitor's Bureau. They also put out the Official Guide to Houston, published quarterly.

Guest Life Houston Relocation Guide

The best relocation guidebook to the Houston area.

The Houston Chronicle Newspaper

From a hotel supposedly won through a poker game to office buildings transformed into snazzy lofts, downtown Austin is full of history and change. Fortunately for history and architecture buffs— or maybe those just tired of the "burbs"—the Heritage Society of Austin wowed visitors with detailed tours of some of the newest projects in the Central Business District. With ten sites on the tour, participants were able to get a taste of what life in downtown Austin use to be, and what it is becoming today.

The following are links to sites I have found that have very useful or entertaining information about the Houston area:

Houston Convention & Visitor's Bureau

Houston Chronicle Article

Condos, lofts continue to show their market muscle. Downtown Houston

Houston CitySearch Guide

Sky's the new limit for urban living in Texas, and beyond

This is the largest state in the contiguous USA, stretching more than 700 miles from east to west and north to south, and space often seems infinite. Here, living large — and spread out — hasn't been just a choice but almost a birthright. What changed? Gas prices soared. Traffic congestion choked highways. Air quality worsened and so did pressure from environmental regulators. Light-rail lines came online. And demographics shifted: As baby boomers became empty nesters, their desire for convenience and fun suddenly merged with those of young professionals. Both groups are flocking to urban settings.

Urban Living Houston Hotel Search

Offers a search of availability and rates for all Houston area hotels, with discounts of up to 70%!

h2 class="acchd">Houston Independent School District

The Houston Independent School District is the largest public school system in Texas and the seventh largest in the United States. Our schools are dedicated to giving every student the best possible education through an intensive core curriculum and specialized, challenging instructional and career programs. HISD is working hard to become Houstonians’ K-12 school system of choice, constantly improving and refining instruction and management to make them as effective, productive, and economical as possible.

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Meet of Austin Urban specialist Jana Church.

Meet of Austin Urban specialist Jana Church. As a Real Estate Professional, prioritizing my client’s needs comes naturally to me. I am a sincere listener who strives to gain your trust from our first meeting. I have created a client-focused & client-driven team committed to exceeding your expectations. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to real estate.I pay great attention to detail and expect the same of my team.

Market knowledge, availability, quality marketing, and professionalism serve as the foundation of my concierge-oriented business. I will always be here for you, providing you with the most up to date market trends allowing you to make the wisest decision regarding your real estate transaction.

As a member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing I have received extensive training in working in the luxury home market. I am prepared to negotiate on your behalf, whether buying your luxury downtown condo or seeking top dollar for your home. Building a powerful and impressive marketing package is an absolute must when working with any property. I have built my own black book of some of the most talented photographers and videographers in the business.

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