The Mortgage Application Process

Step 1: Determine what you can afford

Before shopping for a home, you must know how much down payment, monthly payment and total sales price you can afford. Our calculators and guidelines can help.

Step 1: PreQualify

Selecting a loan is a snap. With a few simple steps, you can PreQualify for your loan. You can compare the estimated monthly payment, interest rate and closing costs for different types of loans.

Step 2: Complete and submit the Application.

The application is fast and easy, and you can apply to prequalify online! Each step of the Application is explained to you. You’ll see the estimate of costs and then submit your application for underwriting.

Step 3: Receive and review the Mortgage Decision.

Soon after submitting your application, you will receive the Mortgage Decision. You’ll have a chance to review the documents with a loan officer— as well as the Good Faith Estimates, Truth in Lending and other disclosures.

Step 4: Gather the final documents.

You’re just one step away. You’ll provide the necessary forms and proof of insurance, and your loan officer will order the Appraisal, Title Report and other necessary documents.

Step 5: Schedule and close the loan.

This is it. Once you lock the rate and receive final underwriting approval, the finish line is within sight. Your agent and loan officer will schedule the closing with you and the title or escrow company. You’ll attend the closing and provide your signatures. Then your new home mortgage is official!



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